Fight against cybercrime. The Regional Conference of the International Association of Prosecutors is opened

The Regional Conference of the International Association of Prosecutors started today. This event is held in Belarus for the first time and is aimed to discuss the international cooperation of supervisory authorities in combating crime in the era of global digitalization of society. 

The meeting is attended by delegations of prosecutorial agencies of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania, Uzbekistan and Estonia. 

Experts from England, Scotland, UN Office of Drugs and Crime shall perform presentations today and tomorrow. 

At the opening of the Conference a solemn ceremony was held to cancel the postal project – a special commemorative stamp. 

The solemn ceremony of cancellation was participated by the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Konyuk, the President of International Assosiation of Prosecutors Gerhard Yarosch and Minister of communications and informatization Konstantin Shulgan. 

The postal project contains post envelope and special stamp designed by Tatsiana Kuznetsova. 

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Topics of plenary sessions:
1)    Cyber-terrorism – threat to National Security. Ensuring the Protection of Objects of State and Social Infrastructure.
2)    Protection of Personal Data and Combating Cybercrime: Examples of National Experience.
3)    Modern Procedures for Collecting Electronic Evidence in Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigations and Prosecutions. 

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The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Konyuk in his opening remarks noted: “Cybercrime is getting more progressive, becoming transnational, is obtaining a new level: from simple funds stealing from card accounts to cyber attacks on state authorities servers, destabilization of entire industries, preparation and commission of terrorist acts”. 

According to the Prosecutor General of Belarus these threats require the state involvement as a regulator in order to ensure personal data protection. 

“States have to recognize that “digital independence” is impossible in the era of global digitalization. Hence legal regulation in combating cybercrime has to be transnational in nature. Internet crime is to be considered as a global challenge to the further international legal standards progress. Cooperation between states is therefore particularly important”, ‑ he said. 

In his welcoming speech, the President of the International Association of Prosecutors Gerhard Jarosch noted that crimes are not terminated at borders and are not limited to several jurisdictions. “We have to improve international cooperation in order to effectively combat high-tech crimes. A prosecutor supporting criminal case is a court expert, a link between the court and high-tech world… The Conference aimed to establish close regional interaction in combating computer crimes. 

In the course of the conference Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus Valentin Sukalo, Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus Valery Mitskevich, Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus Ivan Noskevich addressed to the participants. 

Aleksandr Konyuk and Gerhard Jarosch were interviewed by press. 

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Stream broadcast of press scrum and opening ceremony can be found on the following link

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Photo: Prosecutor General’s Office 

Press division of the Prosecutor General’s Office

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