The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Konyuk took part in the 29th meeting of the Coordinating Council of Prosecutors General of the CIS member states

On October 1, 2019 the 29th meeting of the Coordinating Council of Prosecutors General of member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (hereinafter referred to as the CCPG, Coordination Council) was held in Bishkek. 

The event was attended by delegations of Prosecutor General's Offices of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, including representatives of the CIS Anti- Terrorism Center, the CIS Executive Committee, the International Association of Prosecutors and the CCPG Secretariat. 

The Belarusian delegation was led by the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Konyuk. 

On the agenda of the meeting there was assessment of CCPG’s work to implement interstate cooperation programs, aimed at combating illicit trafficking of drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, human trafficking, cybercrimes, terrorism and other violent cases of extremism, illegal migration, including border security enhancement at external border control points. All agenda issues were settled and reports on work of the Coordination Council and the Secretariat of CCPG in 2018 were approved. 

In his speech, Alexander Konyuk shared his practice of prosecutorial supervision for legislation observation during implementation of writs of execution: “From January 1, 2014 by the decision of the President of the Republic of Belarus there have been established a unified system of law-enforcement bodies, which main aim is to implement court decisions and other execution orders. Law-enforcement bodies were no longer under jurisdiction of the Judiciary, but subject to the Ministry of Justice. Legislative acts have been issued to regulate activities of such bodies as well as procedure of court orders implementation. However, the practice of prosecutorial supervision indicates that work of legal executives isn’t still freed from shortcomings and omissions. ” 

By the way, he has mentioned the main ones: 

undue initiation of law-enforcement proceedings; 

improper verification of debtor’s property status and failure to take measures to declare such debtor to be
problems of interaction among collectors and other elements of law-enforcement proceedings; 

lack of senior official’s control and failure to undertake sufficient measures to organize work of legal executives. 

The Head of State instructed the Prosecutor General’s Office not only to organize proper prosecutorial control over court decision implementation, but also to take the so-called “patronage” of this system”. 

Alexander Konyuk said. “The Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Justice should review the performance of law-enforcement bodies so that they can show real labour productivity.” 

The Head of the Belarusian Supervisory Authority pointed out the necessity of a comprehensive approach to a prosecutor’s work: “We supervise implementation of court decisions, either national or foreign, as well as other documents - notarial writs of execution, certificates of labour dispute settlements. We control not only work of law-enforcement bodies, but also that of collector’s agencies and other elements of law-enforcement proceedings.” 

Alexander Konyuk said that the decision to create a special unit of supervision for work of law- enforcement bodies under the Prosecutor’s Office comes exactly on time, as “in reality, exactly at this stage, the restoration of violated rights and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities” takes place. 

As of the Prosecutor General of Belarus, after studying problematic issues that affected the completeness of execution and recovery of debts, the authority has proposed amendments to the relevant legislation so that all controversies and contradictions could be eliminated. 

Within the framework of the Coordinative Council meeting a memorandum of cooperation in educational, scientific and research spheres was signed between the Heads of Scientific and Practical Center for Law and Order Strengthening Issues under the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Belarus on the one side and the Center for Professional Development of Teams of Prosecutors and Investigators under the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Kyrgyz Republic on the other side. 

To promote the previously signed bilateral Agreement with the Uzbek colleagues, the Prosecutor General’s Offices of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted a 2020-2021 Program of Cooperation. 



At the end of the event, the Heads of delegations of Prosecutor Generals of the CIS member states thanked the hosts for their friendly reception on Kyrgyz soil, highlighted atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding during the meeting, emphasized importance of coordination of combat against the most dangerous crimes and need to deepen cooperation in protection of citizens’ rights and freedoms. 

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